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Hello everyone. Welcome to my website about real estate brokers. When I was looking to sell one home and buy another, I knew I would need a professional to help me figure out the details. I hired a broker well-versed in the demands of the local housing market. I was able to perfect the timing of the sale to coincide with my upcoming purchase. The services offered by my broker helped keep more money in my pocket and eliminated much of the stress involved in this process. My site will cover broker services in detail to help you learn more about this industry.

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Things to Look Out for When Buying a Home with Hardwood Flooring

If you are looking for a house and you have your heart set out on hardwood flooring, you ought to educate yourself on hardwood floor issues. Here are some of the things you ought to look out for to get the floor you want:

Know Whether the Wood Is Engineered or Solid

The first thing is to determine whether the flooring is solid or engineered wood. This is advisable because each of them has its pros and cons, and it is good to know exactly what you are getting. For example, solid hardwood can be sanded numerous times than engineered wood that can only be sanded once or twice (after that the thin upper layer wears away). Therefore, if you want something that you can sand and renew for a longer duration, you need to be sure that you are getting solid hardwood.

Here are a few tips to help you identify the two types of hardwood flooring:

  • Solid wood is thicker (from 3.25 inches) than engineered wood (less than 3.25 inches )
  • Solid wood is typically installed over plywood while engineered wood usually sits on top of  concrete
  • Solid wood has a solid profile while engineered wood has plies on its sides

Look Out for Gaps between the Boards

Small gaps between flooring boards are normal even though they may be irritating to some people. It is big gaps that you should worry about because they mean that the flooring wasn't professionally installed. Hardwood floors with big gaps are also more susceptible to damage and creaks than those with smaller gaps.

Know the Species of the Hardwood

It is also good to know the exact species of the hardwood used in the flooring. This is because the species differ in how well they hold up to water, the type of colors they work best with, and the ease with which they can be refinished, among other things. Since it is not easy for novices to identify hardwood species, you can ask the seller or the home inspector about it.

Watch Out for Signs of Moisture

Lastly, it also pays to watch out for signs of water damage on the flooring materials; here are some of the typical signs to look out for:

  • Cupping—the edges of the boards are higher than the centers
  • Crowning—the centers of the boards are higher than the edges
  • Buckling—some sections of the boards have been lifted off the floor

There are so many homes for sale out there. Contact local real estate agents to help you narrow down your options to find your ideal home.