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Hello everyone. Welcome to my website about real estate brokers. When I was looking to sell one home and buy another, I knew I would need a professional to help me figure out the details. I hired a broker well-versed in the demands of the local housing market. I was able to perfect the timing of the sale to coincide with my upcoming purchase. The services offered by my broker helped keep more money in my pocket and eliminated much of the stress involved in this process. My site will cover broker services in detail to help you learn more about this industry.

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Pet-Related Steps to Take Prior to Having an Open House

You may consider your beloved pet to be a valuable member of your family, but, when you're getting ready for an open house in an attempt to sell your home, it's best if the animal doesn't interfere with the process. You should always take steps to remove any pets from your home prior to the open house. This could mean having your neighbor take care of your cat for a couple hours, or taking your dog to a nearby trail and enjoying a long walk while the open house takes place. Beyond getting your furry friends out of the residence, here are some other things to do before the event begins.

Remove Traces of Them

While you don't have to completely hide the fact that you have pets, it's a good idea to remove the obvious traces of them. This means thoroughly vacuuming the house to collect any hair, as well as putting your pets' toys away and setting their food and water bowls in a kitchen cupboard. If you own a cat, you should also remove the litter box. Or, if you wish to keep the litter box in place, make sure that it contains a fresh batch of litter and that any newspaper around it is also clean.

Ensure There Aren't Any Pet Smells

People don't want to smell your pets when they enter your home during an open house. While pet owners might be more understanding, those without pets might be sharply aware of these smells and put off by them. If the pets spend time in a specific room, consider opening the window. You might also wish to burn a mildly scented candle or spray the room with a can of room deodorizer before the open house begins.

Address the Yard Accordingly

Just as it's important to remove the traces of your pets inside your home, you should also assess the condition of the yard and deal with it accordingly. The obvious thing to do is to pick up any mess left behind by your dog. People who visit an open house will often tour the yard, and the last thing they want is to step in your dog's waste. Take stock of any damage that your dog might have caused so that you can address it before the open house. For example, if your dog has a habit of digging in the yard, lay down some grass seed over the affected area or, if the damage is severe, consider laying a piece of sod.

For more tips on how to get your home ready for an open house, check out http://www.cbgeorgerealty.com and talk to a realtor.